Protect Your Computer

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How does it work?

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Secure Browsing

Your history, downloads, and cookies are never stored on your computer. You log in to access your browser.

Cloud Anti-Virus

We maintain a constantly updated database of virus and malware definitions. Our servers use this to scan content before it gets to your browser.

Malicious Content

Any malicious code, images, and downloads are caught before they ever reach your browser by our servers.

Art anti bbcf130d5dead52bca494e743af57063dcb5ecb877a170f4b0b6a8243fe9f5d7Cocoon uses patent-pending, advanced isolation technology to protect your computer from malware by keeping it away from your hard drive. In addition, we utilize antivirus scanning to check for viruses before they even reach your computer. These isolation methods keep you safe.

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Protect Your Computer

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