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Eliminate spam and the risk of phishing attacks with Cocoon MailSlots.

Cocoon lets you create new addresses on-the-fly, while you surf. You wont have to hesitate the next time you click. Use the Web as much as ever, and keep your mailbox clean.

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A New email address for each website

It happens all the time. You sign up for a Web service, buy something online, or just leave a comment, and you're required to give an email address. Next, your inbox is full of junk. Why should you give your email address to every website that asks for it? Or keep track of multiple email accounts? Cocoon lets you create email addresses on the fly and easily manage or delete them as you wish.

Anonymous email at its best

With Cocoon Mailslots, you can easily create a disposable email address anytime you're asked for one online. You can then forward or delete emails you get to that address and even delete the address completely when you're done with it. Sign up today and let Mailslots keep your inbox clean.

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Disappear from unwanted newsletters

Tired of getting the Daily Sparrow Newsletter? With Mailslots just delete the address and you're off the list. Getting spam from the address you gave to a reputable company? Just delete the old address and give them a new one. Mailslots keeps your inbox clean for the emails that matter.