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Where you go and what you do online is your business, Cocoon keeps it that way.

Cocoon protects your identity so your data trail leads nowhere. Now you can enjoy the Web knowing you are safe from prying eyes.

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At Cocoon, we believe you have a right to privacy, but most websites you visit don't agree. In fact, most websites make money by tracking you and selling your browsing habits to the highest bidder. Our business is protecting your privacy. For more information, please see our plain-English Privacy Policy.

Even More Privacy: A part of protecting your privacy, is protecting you from spam. Why should you give your email address to every website that asks for it? Cocoon lets you create disposable email addresses on the fly and lets you easily manage or delete them. Learn more...

Sharing a computer shouldn't mean sharing your history

If you are buying a gift or looking for a new job, chances are you don't want to share that information with everyone - nor should you have to. Cocoon keeps you private even on a shared computer. When you log out of Cocoon, your history is off your computer and safely locked away.

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When you log into Cocoon everything you do is encrypted. Your browsing history, personal information, passwords used on another Websites, are all protected, and you're the only one with the key. Cocoon's encryption even protects you from hackers at open WiFi access points such as coffee shops and airports. Sign up now and and start surfing safely.

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Our computers make yours invisible

Cocoon is a proxy service that runs seamlessly with your browser as a plugin. Every site you visit gets run through our secure servers first. No information is revealed about you, your IP address, your Internet service provider, or your geographic location. Websites only "see" Cocoon servers, not your computer.