Making the Internet Safe for Children

With CocoonKids for Klaas Kids, you can ensure your kids are only accessing websites that you approve. Plus, the browser toolbar is easy for everyone in the family to use.


Benefits of CocoonKids for KlaasKids


Tracking Protection

Your kids will only be able to visit sites you approve. So you'll never have to worry about what sites they're visiting. Plus, the sites they visit won't be able to track them!


Secure Browsing

Since your computer never touches the Internet, it is safe from viruses, malware and spyware anywhere your kids browse.


Custom Accounts

Every kid has a different age, unique interests, education level, so they each get a custom account with access to the sites to fit their life.


Unique Whitelists

Each custom kid account has its own unique list of parent-approved, parent created sites that he or she can access.

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How CocoonKids for KlaasKids Works

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Signup for Your Parent Account

This is the main administrative account where you will create and manage all of your kid's accounts that are stored securely in the Cocoon cloud.

The parent account comes with all the benefits of Cocoon, so browsing the web is private and secure.


Create Your Kid's Accounts

Once you login to your parent account, you'll need to create unique kid accounts for your children. Each of the kid accounts you create has unique settings for your child's:

  • Name
  • Password (optional for younger children)
  • Avatar
  • Custom Whitelist
  • Additional approved sites

Once created, they will appear as a separate tab in the parental settings section of your account.


Lock Toolbar for Kid's Account Login

Once your kid accounts are created, the parent account needs to be locked to enable the kid account menu.

The kid account menu contains each kid account, along with the name and avatar chosen. Clicking the avatar will complete the account creation process.

If a password was set for the kid account, a field will be displayed below the account. This is useful for older kids who may have access to sites you'd rather the younger kids not have access to.


Kids Surf the Web Safely & Securely

Once logged into the kid account, their name and avatar will appear on the toolbar. Now, your kids can navigate to all the sites you have approved.

Not only will you have the piece of mind that they are viewing appropriate sites on the web, they also will be safe from tracking and can't infect your family computer with viruses!


Kid Website Requests

If your kid navigates to a website not included in the whitelist of their account, an "Access Restricted" message is displayed. In this popup box, you can instantly approve the site, or your kid can click the "Ask Permission" button.

This will add a website to the "Requests" tab in the kid's account.


Approval of Requested Websites

If you weren't available to instantly approve a site your kid wanted to access, and your kid requested permission, an entry will be added to their account where you can approve or deny the request.


View Kid's Browsing History

Each kid account will have a history tab which you can view to see the websites your kids went to and at what time.

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