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Cocoon MDR™

Earn Cash From Everyday Browsing

*Usage of a VPN will prevent users from earning while browsing.

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Cocoon MDR™ (MyData Rewards™) is the only browser to give users the opportunity to share their data and make cash money from it easily and anonymously. Start earning money today just for surfing the Internet.

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Download the first browser to give you cash for your data with MyData Rewards ™ from Cocoon.

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*Currently MyData Rewards™ can only monetize data from users in the USA.


You should be the one to profit from it.

Many people don’t realize how much Big Data companies have been profiting off your data since they keep the money all for themselves. Now you can TAKE CONTROL and GET PAID for sharing your data anonymously with Cocoon MDR™.

If you love to shop and socialize, this browser is for you. We have built Cocoon MDR™ on the open source Chrome framework to give you the best possible experience where you can utilize all your favorite extensions. Whether you are online, watching videos, or surfing the Net to plan your next vacation you can do it all while earning money at the same time.

You can rest assured, the browsing data that is shared is ALWAYS ANONYMOUS. Never is any Personal Identitifiable information (PII) sent over our encrypted connections. And you always have full control, so you can easily turn off and on right from the browser bar.

COCOON our legacy secure privacy browser is currently unavailable for download.

If you are a current Cocoon user we will continue to serve you.