Profit From Your Data

Big companies make money from your data, so should you! Try Cocoon MDR™, the free app that pays cash for your data.

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Available for Mac, Windows, and Android

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Easily make money everyday as you move around, since EVERYWHERE YOU GO EARNS rewards. Ride to school or work, walk through the mall, or bike through a park and you will get paid for sharing your geolocation data with Cocoon MDR™. (Currently available only on mobile devices running Android and available in 10 countries*. Coming soon to iOS devices.)

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EARN CASH EASILY with everyday browsing

Whether you are shopping Online, watching videos, or surfing the Net for the latest news and trends you can do it all while earning money at the same time. Cocoon MDR™ is a Chrome-based browser to give you the best experience possible. Start earning money just for surfing the Internet like you already do. (Currently available only to USA users and only on devices running Windows or MacOS. Coming soon to mobile devices.)

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Big companies like Google and Facebook profit from your data without paying you a single penny. Now you can easily TAKE CONTROL and GET PAID for sharing your data with Cocoon MDR™. Help change the industry and get your fair share today!

3 Reasons to Start Selling Your Data

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What information do we collect? The Cocoon MDR™ app collects ANONYMOUS behavioral data. We do not collect any PII (personal identifiable information), for example, first and last names, and email addresses. In addition, you always have full control and can easily turn data sharing on or off at any time.

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To get paid, we don't require any bank information. Cash out and transfer your MyData Rewards™ balance to PayPal at any time. Enter PayPal account information in your MDR™ account dashboard, then every quarter your rewards are automatically deposited for free! The fine print: the minimum balance you can transfer is $5.00 and current month earnings are available 30 days later.

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No questions, no surveys, no forms to fill out. So what do you have to do? Nothing more than you already do. With the Cocoon MDR™ app and MyData Rewards™ account you make money from everyday browsing on your desktop and with your mobile device, you get paid when you go places. There's nothing more to do. Just easy, passive income for doing what your normally do.

Start Earning Cash Today!

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COCOON our legacy secure privacy browser is currently unavailable for download.

If you are a current Cocoon user we will continue to serve you.