The Cocoon Cloud

The Cocoon Cloud is a collection of services that Cocoon uses to keep your browsing data off your computer. It's an integral part of the Cocoon service that protects your privacy from your co-workers, your roommates, or anyone else that has a tendency to snoop.

This information is stored safely on Cocoon servers. This information is only accessible via the Cocoon add-on with the correct username and password. Without the proper username and password, this information is locked off, encrypted, and secured.

The information protected is extremely diverse and ranges from Cocoon settings to browsing history. Here are some examples of information stored on the Cocoon server:

  • Browsing history (all the websites you have visited during a session)
  • Website and web browsing cookies (pieces of data websites use to track you from place to place)
  • Browser cache (pieces of websites that your computer would normally store on the hard disk to make visiting websites over and over again faster)
  • Usernames and Passwords (Your own browser will offer to store these for you, but doesn't encrypt them against thieves or malware. Cocoon does)

These and other Cocoon services, like Mailslots, are housed entirely in the Cocoon Cloud and never touch your computer.

Additionally, the Cocoon Cloud is mobile. It can travel with you, accessible at any computer that has Cocoon installed as long as the appropriate username and password is supplied.