Manageable Cookies

Like other browsers, Cocoon can accept cookies from websites to help make your web experience better. Cookies are used by websites to keep track of your choices, your progress through the site, and your individual ID. If you have ever asked a website to remember your username and password, you were using cookies.

Naturally, these cookies make the web a convenient place. Your web browser stores these cookies locally, on your computer. However, problems arise when cookies are used to keep track of where you go on the Internet.

Unlike your web browser, Cocoon doesn't store cookies on your computer. In Cocoon, cookies are stored on Cocoon servers, so you don't have the security risk of someone using your browser to access sensitive websites that you've visited recently. In addition, Cocoon can stop websites from receiving cookies that would be used to track you around the Internet, thus keeping those sites away from any personal data that could be used by websites and marketers to identify you.