Better History

History is an integral part of browsing the Internet. Without it, it can be difficult to revisit specific sites.

While you browse the web in Cocoon, Cocoon saves a history of where you go in Cocoon History. Cocoon History is only accessible and viewable while in Cocoon. It is separate and invisible to your browser. Sites you visit while Cocoon is on will never show up on your browser's history. In fact, your Cocoon History is not even stored on your computer.

Cocoon history is stored securely in the Cocoon Cloud. Without your username and password and the Cocoon add-on, your browsing history is invisible from prying eyes. You can access your Cocoon History, like the rest of your Cocoon, from anywhere in the world. Only you have the keys.

Because your privacy is our chief concern, with Cocoon History, you can delete as little or as much of the Cocoon History as you like. You can delete a single entry, or two or three. You can delete entire days, or even months of history at a time. You can even tell Cocoon to stop recording your history for a particular session (each time a new session is started, Cocoon History is enabled).

Cocoon History is feature rich; here are a few of the features you can find in Cocoon History:

Cocoon History comes in two different views: list and visual history. In list format, Cocoon History is organized by date and time accessed. At the top of the list you will find your most recent history entries; at the bottom, the earliest entries.

In visual format, history items are listed as images of the website. The website at the top left of the history are the newest entries. Entries to the immediate right and below are older entries, much like reading text in a book.

For more information on how to use Cocoon History, see our helpful Cocoon History Tutorials.