Spam Free Mailslots

Mailslots are email addresses that you can create and delete whenever you want. They are created on a website by website basis. You will not use the same Mailslot for or Cocoon will automatically nickname each slot you create after the website it was created for; you can also give them your own nicknames.

Mail received by a Mailslot is sent to the Mailslots inbox. The inbox is where the messages are stored until you delete them. Mailslots is a full service email reader that allows you to:

Mailslot email addresses are randomly generated. Instead of using your personal email address to sign up for a news letter, you could instead submit an email address that looks like This email address functions just like any other email address you might submit; It receives email, you can read that email, and you can throw that email away. However, unlike your personal email address, if you get tired of that email address, if it gets spammed, or if you just want to clean house, you can delete the Mailslot address and it, and its mail, will never be seen again.