Visiting an unapproved website

With CocoonKids, your children may attempt or accidently visit unsafe and unappropriate websites. When your child visits an unapproved website, they will be stopped and receieve a warning prompt. To see what happens when a child attempts to visit an unapproved website, please watch this CocoonKids tutorial video:

Visiting an unapproved website from Get Cocoon on Vimeo.

What to Expect:

  1. 1: The child will attempt to visit an unapproved website
  2. 2: A warning prompt will pop-up, stopping a child from proceeding forward
  3. 3: Your child will have two options: They can either enter the parent's password with a parent's consent, or they can click the Ask a Parent button
  4. 4: When a child clicks the Ask a Parent button, the parent will be notified of the request to see the unapproved website