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Traveling Abroad

You want to browse the Web from anywhere in the world -- like Beijing, China -- while traveling, working or studying abroad.

Cocoon Servers

Our secure cloud servers, located in the United States, secure your connection with our cloud browser and act as an online proxy.

US Content

Maybe you’re sitting in a coffee shop in Shanghai, but it’s as if you’re at home in the U.S. -- get your social media fix, read news, or watch videos.

Access U.S. content and region-restricted websites from anywhere. More features than a paid VPN and lightyears faster than a free VPN, our online proxies give you access to American content, no matter where you are in mainland China or the rest of the world.

Visiting China and worried about accessing US Content? Get Cocoon Now! We do not store your history or cookies so you remain totally anonymous as you browse the Web clearly through the Great Wall!

Browse the Web anonymously, secure your identity from theft. Cocoon protects your privacy and identity with encrypted connections and a three-layer protection connecting our servers to your device like an internet bodyguard.

Cocoon uses patent-pending, advanced isolation technology to protect your computer from malware by keeping it away from your hard drive.

Full worldwide access to search tools, media and news sites for students and teachers as well as social media sites to keep in touch.